January 2017

Our FFQs are being employed as part of the PREdiCCT study investigating the influencing factors behind IBD flare. Read more here 

September 2016

A paper assessing the validity of version 6.6 of the FFQ for adults in measuring nutrient intake has been published this month in Public Health Nutrition. You can access it here.

May 2016

The web-based FFQs for children and older adults are now online.

23rd - 25th May 2017

Advanced Course in Dietary Assessment Methods

This established course is designed for researchers, dietetic and nutritional practitioners and those who would like to further their training in dietary assessment methods. 

It has been developed and run by The University of Aberdeen dietary assessment team who are a group with a wide range of experience including staff from the Public Health Nutrition Research Group and the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health.

For further information visit the acdam homepage.

Also running in conjunction with ACDAM is the

Introductory Course in Dietary Assessment Methods

22nd May 2017

The introductory course is intended for those who have more limited experience in the field of dietary assessment or who may have trained some time ago and wish to refresh their knowledge prior to the advanced course. More information on the acdam homepage.

Sep 2013

The web-based data entry form for the adult FFQ is now up and running and being used by several groups.

May 2012

Validation of the adult eFFQ

Results of the validation of the web-based entry form of the questionnaire (eFFQ) were presented at the International Conference on Diet and Activity Methods (ICDAM) in Rome this month. There was good agreement and repeatability compared with the paper form of the questionnaire and users found the system acceptable and usable.